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Guangzhou Standard Pharma Ltd. provides global high-quality pharmaceutical active pharmaceutical ingredients(API), excipients, packaging materials and technical services for pharmaceutical enterprises. Standard Pharma provides customers with comprehensive solutions from project initiation, R&D to marketing production, and is committed to building a full-dimension excellent service platform for the pharmaceutical industry, and helps the continuous innovation and development of pharmaceutical industry in China.

About us

Guangzhou Standard Pharma Ltd. was founded in 2001, which holds the drug, food and dangerous chemical business license. It is headquartered in Guangzhou, and has set up sales and technical service branches in Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing and Harbin. Standard Pharma has set up warehousing and logistics centers with area of more than 5,000㎡in Guangzhou and Tianjin respectively, which can make quick response to the needs of customers across the country. In 2005, the production enterprise jointly invested and managed by Standard Pharma -- PIDI Standard Biotech (Chongqing) Ltd. is located in Wanzhou district in Chongqing City. PIDI Standard is an internationally famous manufacturer of artemisinin, which is one of the key cooperated suppliers of the Clinton Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/ high-content seed research and development of University of York, anti-malaria action of WHO and Global Fund. It is also one of the largest domestic manufacturers of N-Phenylglycine potassium salt.

Comprehensive strength

With the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, partner satisfaction and social responsibility", Standard Pharma has been providing high-quality imported APIs to domestic pharmaceutical enterprises since it’s found. Currently, it has established a wide range of cooperation with Hetero, Dr. Reddy, Cipla, Lupin, Glenmark, Alkaloid, Optimus and other global famous API manufacturers, providing more than 400 API products.
In the field of pharmaceutical excipients, since 2004, the company has established a deep cooperation with the internationally famous pharmaceutical excipient manufacturers such as Germany Meggle, France Gattefossé, USA Dow, Germany Merck, Japan Fuji Silysia, Germany JRS, USA Sensient, Hungary Cyclolab, Star-Tech & JRS Specialty Products Co.,Ltd (SSP) and so on.
In the field of pharmaceutical packaging materials, in 2018, the company has established a deep cooperation with the inventor of PVDC, the world's leading pharmaceutical packaging materials manufacturer, Klöckner Pentaplast (KP) Germany.
With more than 20 years of deep cultivation, Standard Pharma has built a global supply chain of high-quality pharmaceutical materials and keep moving on. In 2016, Standard Pharma has raised the business concept of "one-stop service", which was the first company in the industry to advocate this concept. The company has been serving more than 3,000 pharmaceutical enterprises in China, and establishing a good credit and reputation among the industry.

Our Vision

Standard Pharma firmly believes that "technology innovation" is the source power for development of the pharmaceutical industry. The company   practices the development strategy of "technology-driven sales", and continues to build professionalization in the sales team with technical service, and improve the service quality. The company strives to become a "technology-driven" benchmark enterprise and the best partner of global supply chain in the industry, and helps the development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

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