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Standard Pharma not only provides global high-quality pharmaceutical active pharmaceutical ingredients(API), excipients, packaging materials and technical services to pharmaceutical enterprise but also provides customers with comprehensive technical supports and solutions from project initiation, R&D to marketing production.

professional technical service team

In order to improve our service quality, Standard Pharma has set up professional technical service teams in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Harbin. Sales managers and technical managers in each region can solve relevant technical problems more comprehensively and professionally. Standard Pharma has deep cooperation with manufacturers, their technical service team, can also provide professional technical services specific for their products.

service item

  • Feasibility suggestion for selection of  pharmaceutical exipients and APIs in new product R&D stage.
  • Provide formulation for reference with Complimentary samples or product
  • Assist to solve technical problems encountered during R&D and production.
  • Help improve the quality and production capacity of formulations
  • Optimize manufacture process to save overall cost
  • Promote innovative technology and hold technical seminars around the country with manufacturers
  • Provide related regulatory documents

Service mode

  • Hotline technical support : Customers can call Standard Pharma's hotline for technical support during  working time and consult technical support team about issues of related product.
  • On site technical support : Through reservation our technical managers will visit the clients' production site and offer on site technical support.
  • Laboratory technical training : Customers can get a variety of training and experiments in the laboratories set up in China by the manufacturers at no additional cost. The laboratory is equipped with the latest pharmaceutical production machines and analytical equipment.
  • Internet Service : Customers can request for free samples from website and office account in Wechat app, and review successful product application case. Relevant technical documents can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturers.


Every year, Technical support team of Standard Pharma tours around the country to hold urban seminars, aiming at professional technical lectures of R&D, production, quality management, laws and regulations, the application of new products and the latest manufacturing process, technology development and other topics,  to provide on-site solution to customers' problems in R&D and production.

industry education

Standard Pharma has been supporting the development of the pharmaceutical industry. It holds public training courses irregularly in universities all over the country, like China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Guangdong Pharmaceutical College, etc.
  • Service Hotline 400-8828-621

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