Core Values:Create values, share achievements

Mission: To Promote the continuous innovation and development of pharmaceutical industry in China

Prospect: To be best partner in global supply chain for pharmaceutical industry

Vision: To establish all-dimensional excellent service platform for pharmaceutical industry

Our philosophy

Customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, partner satisfaction and social responsibility.

To our customers

We'll assure the highest quality of the products and service;

We'll guarantee to improveour products, lower the cost and keep reasonable price through continuoustechnical innovation;

We'll support oursuppliers and customers to create commercial opportunities while share the rational return of profits;

We’ll keep reforming and providing our customers with the best new products and the most advanced technologies.

To our staff

We'll assure every staffof the respect, sincerityand equality;

We'll assure every staff of the reasonable salary and allowances according to your
performance and contribution;

We'll try our utmost to provide staff with adequate development space
and necessary training and instructions;

We'll try to create a favorable corporate cultural atmosphere where excellent
performance is highly valued; impetus is given to leadership and creative
innovation is positively encouraged;

We'll guarantee to provide each of staff with a group of leaders who are credited with
excellence in ability and emotional considerateness and provide a neat, safe
and harmonious working environment;

We hope every staff of Standard Pharma is proud of being a member of us.

To our partners

We promise to cooperate with our business partners on the basis ofhonesty, mutual trust and win-win spirit and tolerance;

We are resolved to rely on the advanced management system, efficientproductivity and sophisticated research and exploration ability andcontinuously enhance our cutting edges by invigorating our ideology so as toobtain rational profits and maximize shareholders' equity;

We aim to be a Social sharingtype company, we value every participants and propellent who contribute to thedevelopment of the Standard Pharma, and we treat them as potential businesspartner.

To our society andthe world

We'll, to the best of our ability, provide the society with more employment opportunity;

We'll assure you that we shall follow the professional ethics and code ofconduct; fully demonstrate the corporate image of integrity and practicalspirit so as to win andkeep the trust by our society;

We'll guarantee to make the greatest efforts to promote the development ofhuman health undertaking;

And also we shall be devotedto the protection of the natural environment and resources, and we payattention to the cultural heritage and ideological and moral education.

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